Katie’s Biannual Update

Oh hi.

So, yeah, this site still exists. As do we, we just really suck at keeping up our online presence. We are busy, and to me, my day to day life is not exactly worthy of documenting in the great inter-web for all eternity. Alas, this blog was created as a way for us to keep friends and family updated on our comings and goings. There may be about three of you out there that want to know what’s going on, so I will grace you with my biannual update, as has been my habit the past two years. Actually, I take that back. I posted three times in 2015. Go me.

When we first started this blog I had visions of sitting in coffee shops, spouting great wit and wisdom, reviewing all those books I have piled up that I have definitely had time (and motivation) to read, and connecting with all the people. Then again, when we started this blog, I was unemployed and admittedly feeling rather sorry for myself and looking for ways to make my time valuable. And although I do presently find myself sitting in an aforementioned coffee shop, the thought for this post came from a desire to procrastinate.

It is the Thursday of Spring Break, and I suffer from an extreme case of “cannotworkathometosavemylifeitis.” Lucky for me, there is this great little place called Shenandoah Joe that is walking distance from our Charlottesville apartment, plenty with coffee, wifi, and electrical outlets. Andrew and I come here often; it’s one of the treasures we’ve found. I came here to work on IEPs and lesson plans, which successfully happened for about an hour. But it is Spring Break, and I did get some work done, so…time for a break!

I suppose I owe a little update on the occupational changes I’ve experienced. Since beginning this blog, I have transitioned from substitute teaching, to teaching in a private Christian school, to currently filling the role of Special Education teacher in a public school. Man, oh man, has it been a whirlwind! It challenges me in ways I never imagined. I struggle sometimes, and I am stressed to maximum capacity sometimes, but I really do love it. Not every second of every day, but students are learning how to read before my eyes, and it is a beautiful thing that keeps me going. Plus they’re hilarious. Plus I work with wonderful people and am very supported. Couldn’t really ask for more.

Andrew previously wrote about our move to Charlottesville, Virginia, so I won’t rehash that same event. I will say that it is beautiful here, and spring begins at a reasonable time of year. Flowers and trees have bloomed and the weather is warm, which does the soul such good. It is taking a while for it to feel like home, though. I occasionally find myself quite homesick for Rhode Island. About an hour ago I experienced the most extreme craving for a lobster roll, I could actually smell the inside of Anthony’s Seafood. Looking at Rhode Island pins on Pinterest definitely does not help – pretty sure that’s what incited the lobster roll incident. I do like Charlottesville very much, I just wish I could be on my island with my ocean a little more often. At least there is fresh seafood here – that certainly helps.

Anyway, back to C’ville. There is an overwhelming amount to see and do here, but I guess it is that way in most cities. Such a beautiful place to walk around, it never gets old – we love to explore. There are so. many. places. to eat here, it’s ridiculous, and most have been very good! The real challenge is remembering to try someplace new once we’ve found someplace excellent. Plus for every new place we try, we discover two more to add to the list as we wander through side streets and get to know our new city. Not a bad problem to have.

I still love to cook, and have been experimenting with making pasta and bread. The pasta has been a great success, the bread not so much, but I’m not giving up! If anyone has any great bread making resources, please send them my way. Cooking is my stress relief. I can come home and completely focus on something that has nothing to do with school. It is the only thing that truly clears my mind.

We also recently adopted a cat! Her name is Molly, she has crossed eyes, she’s the best, and she deserves her own post. Sorry if that never actually materializes. Perhaps my real problem is too many things to blog about and an inability to commit to a single topic. I bet posting more than twice a year would help with that. We may never know.

This is getting a little ramble-y, so I’m gonna go. Thanks for bearing with my train of thought hodgepodge, I hope it’s coherent. I am sorry for being horrific at staying touch. I genuinely intend to be better about it, but my track record is not promising. I’ll do my best.



One thought on “Katie’s Biannual Update

  1. Katie,
    I’m not that into twitter but I’m now “following” you and read your post! Was in western VA Winchester, last week for Ann Incze’s wedding! Thought of you! I heard your voice as I read your post. Rhode Island misses you right back! I love you Katie hugs to you and Andrew both!!

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