No More Employment Blues!

It has been 87 days since my last blog update. So much for posting once a month, huh? Those 87 days have been filled to the brim with visitors, trips to see family, lots and lots of substitute teaching, a job interview, a job rejection, more subbing, a few friends, lots of food, and no blogging. We have been busy busy busy, and we love it! I wish I could go into detail about every little thing that we have been up to. Just know that we are well and enjoying life and each other each and every day. Maybe I will retrospectively share some stories from the last 2 months in the coming weeks, for I am going to try and be better with this thing over the summer months. (More than one post a month? Maybe? No promises though.) Not that we are going to be any less busy, but you know, goals.

There is one exciting piece of news to share, though, which is probably the most important new development over the last 87 days. I have been offered and accepted a teaching position for the 2015-2016 school year! Halleluiah! I will be teaching 3rd grade in my very own classroom! The school is a small, private, Christian school close to where we live, and it is filled with the most fabulous educators whom I am so excited to work with and learn from. To everyone who has kept my job situation in prayer for these many months, thank you. Looking at the experiences I have had and the people I have met over the last 10 months, I can see God’s guiding hand in bringing me to this opportunity, and I could not be more grateful.

I am not going to lie, I have thrown myself more than one little pity party over the past year while I failed to rely on God and instead felt that I needed to make things happen on my own. I would not say that I always handled being unemployed gracefully, as I am sure Andrew will confirm. There were moments of stress, feeling overwhelmed, frustration, anger, and hopelessness. Yet once again I am reminded of the great provisions only God can bring! He brought about a job that I never could have found on my own. He closed doors that I would have chosen and brought me where I needed to be, and I never saw it coming. Once again I am humbled at my need of Him, and my prayer is that I will enter this new position fully reliant on Him. And as I prepare for the fall, I pray that when I start to feel stressed again and overwhelmed, I am reminded to be one thing above all else: grateful.

With all that said, you must excuse me. I have a very large pile of children’s literature calling my name.


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