Happiness is… a new bed.

We got a new bed! And not just any old bed; a QUEEN sized bed. No more nights of elbows is sides. No more legs mysteriously appearing in the space meant for my body after coming back from the bathroom. No more struggling to roll over (or breathe) without shaking the entire mattress. Hallelujah! This was probably the highlight of the entire month of February.

For the last six months Andrew and I have been sleeping in a full sized bed. For some, that might not seem like a big deal. Yes we fit fine, but here’s the difference: this is a full sized bed that Andrew had spent about 10 years of his life sleeping in alone (read “diagonally”), so sleeping in it together was quite an adjustment. But now we have a new, big, beautiful mattress and it is like sleeping on air.

Okay, great. We have a new mattress. Why is this blog worthy? Well, here it is; the story of the “slight mattress fiasco of 2015.”

The mattress arrived on a Sunday. At 12:15. Right in the middle of church.

Wouldn’t have been a big deal if the most us thing ever hadn’t happened.

We even had a plan! Andrew’s sister Anne was visiting so we were able to take two cars to church. Andrew was going to leave when the mattress guys called so he could let them in and Anne and I were going to stay at church so she could meet some of our new friends. Simple right? What a fool proof plan! It would have worked absolutely perfectly…if we had remembered to bring two sets of keys to the apartment.

Que phones ringing during sermons, feeling pretty silly, rushing out in the middle of church, confused looks, Anne not being able to meet a single one of our friends, and arriving home to Andrew and two very large plastic wrapped things in the hallway. Missed the delivery by about 2 minutes.

How very us. At least we have a story.


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