Employment Blues, Part 2

Seven months. That is how long I have been trying to figure out what I should post here. When Andrew first broached the idea of having a blog together as we began our new married life I thought it would be fun. I had toyed with the idea of starting a blog before but never did it. He made the site and even made a post and then the ball was in my court. And there it has stayed. For seven months.

The main reason I have yet to post is that I haven’t felt that I really have much to say. We have been in the Pittsburgh area for nearly 6 months now and until quite recently, I was the one stuck in unemployment land. All summer while Andrew was dealing with similar situations, I would tell him to be patient; that everything would come through and that he should cherish this hiatus from work. “Enjoy the time,” I would say as I went off to work each day, for he would never have so much time to do whatever he wanted again. And for the past 6 months, he has been saying the exact same things to me. Funny how it doesn’t really make you feel any better. Due to piles of paperwork and the wonderfully efficient systems we like to call bureaucracy, it took me until the end of December to have my name changed on everything important and to get my background clearances done to begin working with children. Granted, plenty of things have happened that I could have written about. The wedding, the move, frustration over talking to yet another automated phone menu, but I’ve been in kind of a funk. Not being able to work has made it really difficult to feel motivated to do anything at all.

Which brings me to another reason (and major personal flaw) that has prevented me from posting until now. In all honesty, if left to my own devices with nothing urgent on my plate, I tend to lean towards laziness. Not always and not about everything, but combined with feeling down in the dumps about being unemployed, it has been a real struggle throughout the fall. Anyone who knows me knows how much I procrastinate anyway (which I believe is genetic. Sorry mom.) Everything always gets done, and I have never missed a deadline, but I am the kind of person who thrives in the craziness of the last minute. It’s really no wonder that I began drinking coffee in college. So, if I don’t have to make a blog post today, I probably won’t, even though I really want to.

How am I going to fix this problem of never posting? Well, as one of my New Year’s goals, I want to post at least once a month on here. (Considering it is February and this the first post, you can see how well I am doing so far.) I really want to keep doing this because I think it will be cathartic in some ways, as well as a way to keep far away friends and family semi-informed of our life. Not that we are all that interesting, but hey, occasionally we have some pretty good stories, too. Also, on the plus side, I have begun substitute teaching! I am so excited, for I know the business is healthy for me and I am finally able to go to bed at night feeling like my day was worthwhile.

So, if you are even a little bit interested in keeping up with the new Joneses, this would be a good place to do it.


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