Employment Blues

“I guess I’m stuck here.”

That’s what I thought about a month ago when I found out the US postal service had lost my employment forms.

Turns out I was only slightly wrong. I wasn’t stuck in any particular place. I was stuck in unemployment land. Since then I moved in with my friend from school for a month until the lease for Kate and I’s apartment kicks in. So here I am in Pittsburgh with nothing in particular to do and no income. Awesome.

Whatever. Ignore the fact that there is a random copy of my security reinstatement floating around in space somewhere. Ignore the fact that the government didn’t like the that I didn’t state something twice and rejected my paperwork the second time around. I’m a free man! I can do things like hang out in coffee shops and pretend to be cool. After all, it’s all about the image. I think doing hipster things like using a pen and paper is really the way to get people to think you’re a free thinker. It might help if I could grow a five o’clock shadow or something. Maybe more chest hair.

At least in this situation I have time. In all seriousness, I think at this point in most people’s lives they would give anything for a chance to distance themselves from the craziness a little. With the wedding nearly a month away, it’s helpful to be able to sit back and try to grasp the idea of being married, to pray about the anxiety, and to make a full time job out of  feeding myself.

That’s all I can do. I have to trust that God will get me where I need to be right now. Even as I pray for the phone call from my employer, I’ve got to recognize that this time of limbo is purposeful and necessary. Soon I’ll be looking back and wishing I was free to roam the streets of random Pittsburgh neighborhoods again. The good news is that if the opportunity does come my way again, Kate will be with me.

Maybe by then I’ll have more chest hair.



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